A dunking discovery

I am quite fond of the dunking concept. It is an art! You have to get the technique and the pairing of drink and biscuit right. And yes, when dunking is concerned, it is usually biscuit with tea or cookies with milk. Frequently some sort of biscuit dunked into a drink.

This will be my regular dunking pairing:

  • McVitie’s digestive with Milo (a chocolate flavoured malt drink)
  • Rich Tea biscuit with tea
  • Biscotti with coffee
  • Cookies and Oreos with milk

Surprisingly, having most the common dunking combination on hand, I used none of them. That is because I had a morning struck of brilliance!! With the availability of my day old brioche, which would usually be toasted and spread with some butter, I dunked the plainly toasted slice of brioche in orange juice!! It works! It is a lovely combination; brioche soaked in orange juice with a light crisp of the toast! Heavenly!!

Toasted brioche cut into a decent dunking size with a cup of orange juice

Toasted brioche soaked up with orange juice