martini glass : poetry in motion

This martini glass design was the first runners-up of the ‘Bombay Sapphire Glass Competition 2005 Malaysia’.

“The inspiration of this martini glass comes from my love of dancing, following the beat and rhythm. It is about the flow from one step to another, the choreography and each move that is poured out of the heart through movement.

Getting the perfect dance moves is like the creation of Bombay Sapphire gi. Both require many careful and dedicated processes before the final result. The wave design of this glass represents the movements formed during dance and this movement is also symbolic of the movement of Bombay Sapphire as the drinker savours each sip of the martini, movement of the drink in the mouth, the movement of taste.

The waves are sensual to the touch and sight; giving the drinker a feast of senses as Bombay Sapphire gin provides the perfect taste.”

‘Poetry in motion’ martini glass for Bombay Sapphire


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