Pleasure induced sunday

For any of you who love chocolate, you must have checked out Chocolate Unwrapped at Vinopolis in London last weekend. I’m no chocolate connoisseur but I love my chocolates! So I was there for some amazing chocolate experience. What is better than spending the whole of Sunday tasting chocolates from the few top chocolatiers, all under one roof!

Chocolate Unwrapped’ by Chocolate Week

The minute we enter, there’s a section about cacao beans and then the many chocolatiers showcasing their chocolates. We were so distracted by the beautiful displays of chocolates. In no time, all three of us girlies started tasting chocolates. We were obviously too engrossed with the many chocolates we were surrounded by that we missed the scheduled ‘Chocolate Tasting’ talk by Seventypercent. But we managed to catch the last bit of the session and learn a little something.

The three important steps for when you taste chocolates.

  1. Smell – Always smell before tasting. It smells different from the taste.
  2. Melt – Let it melt on your tongue and identify the flavour.
  3. Length – The better the chocolate the longer it lingers in your mouth. The taste changes through time.

There were a few chocolate brands that I would like to mention. I was so happy that Cacao Sampaka was here. I was looking for the main shop the second time I was in Barcelona but could not find it. I was probably distracted by the other activity my dear friend had in place for me. And my excitement still remains after tasting their chocolates; chocolate coated raspberry, blackberry chocolate bar and ‘gin & tonic’ chocolate bar. All were wonderful.

Melt‘s ‘smoke’ chocolate bar is worth mentioning. They are made from cacao beans grown near a volconic region. It has a subtle smokiness with a little hint of bacon. Bacon tasting chocolate? Try it and you’ll know what I meant.

Then there is Nicky Grant’s pretty and skilfully decorated cake. I want that cake!! It’ll be perfect for a wedding. It is the sort of cake any girl would want to have for their wedding.

For those of you with bumps on your tummy, there is also something for a baby shower. Patchi does the cutest little boxed chocolates. Of course, they don’t only do that for baby showers. They are perfect for all sorts of events as thank you gifts; boxed and adorned with any flower or deco you wish.

For baby girl

For baby boy

Too much of writing about chocolate is making me feel like going for a chocolate spa. That’ll be bliss!! In the mean time, I’m set to finding my favourite chocolate bar; ‘THE ONE’. Going to stock up some good chocolates soon.


Butterfly explorer

Butterfly explorer at the Natural History Museum? This is an event for families with children. Well, we are two grown up kids! =) It was pure fun but a sweaty one. Just as you enter, the simulated warm and humid tropical weather hits you. But everything became fine and lovely when the butterflies fly around you and above your head. How beautiful! Although I expected it to be bigger and with more butterflies, it is still nice to see a few different species of butterflies and caterpillars in one roof. It was definitely a good visit.


This red / black butterfly can’t stop flapping her wings

Some tropical plants. Oh, new fact: oregano plant attracts butterflies =)

Owl butterfly landed on a girl’s shoulder. Lucky her.

Columbia Road flower market

London’s east end is an area full of charm and character. Sadly, it’s usually on the bottom of many visitors list. Hopefully these pictures would tempt you into visiting the east end.

This is the place for all flower lovers. You’ll be left spellbound even if you don’t like flowers.

This last picture is not Mamosa. It’s one of my favourite Hydrangea.

Look at those beautiful mosaic work on the walls outside the school

These are the few eccentric shops along Columbia Road

Entrance to a vintage shop. Creative.

Some charm for your home..

On the way to Brick Lane.. Someone just had to cross the ‘i’ out..

Will post more photos on Brick Lane and the eastend. Stay tuned!


We were very well greeted at the King’s Road branch of Benihana. The staff were friendly and showed us to a very spacious waiting area with a bar to wait for the rest of our mates to arrive. The initial vibe was good until we were served the onion soup. It was so salty, it tasted like MSG soup and when the chef came to the table to cook our food, I was initially slightly taken away by the fire spectacle but later found it overly fussed. Too much drama.

For the price you pay, even with the toptable promotion, I wouldn’t recommend this place for the food but I would understand how some people might like this restaurant for the entertainment sake. If you you are a group who likes some food tossed into your mouth, you’ll most likely like it here.  Just be prepared to come out of the restaurant smelling like food.

The fire spectacle on the hibachi grill

A walk along the Thames

It was a rainy day and the best thing is of course be indoors.  So avoiding the rain in the Design museum is a great way to fill up some time. The best thing was to have the sky cleared off when I stepped out! GREAT! Time for a pleasant walk along the river and to explore my new camera! It’s my first camera with most manual functions, still not and SLR but it’s good enough to start with.

This would have been a much better shot if I remembered to use macro. This is what happens when your fingers get numb with the chilly wind.

Some of my minor obsession with feet and shoes… hmm  :p