about me

Hi there, I am writing this blog live from London. I grew up in a little island of Penang in tropical Malaysia, now finding myself in such a big and wonderful city that never seizes to surprise me. I enjoy every bit of it and would like to share some experiences that I’ve encountered; be it gastronomy, places I stumble upon, new hobbies or people I have met.

Thank you for stopping by. I am really grateful to be able to share this blog with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing about it. Smile and be happy!

Penang island

Why lèche-vitrine?

LÈCHE-VITRINE is one of my favourite French phrases. It means window shopping in French but literally translates as ‘window licking’.

A French man once explained it to me so well, I was captivated by it, it stayed with me ever since. He explained, how a lady would walk pass a shop, charmed by the most beautiful and sexy pair of shoes that she cannot afford, she would gawk through the window, pressing her hands and face against the shop window close enough to lick it.

I thought lèche-vitrine : through the looking glass would be a good expression for my blog. It represents what I see through my glass window.


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