We were very well greeted at the King’s Road branch of Benihana. The staff were friendly and showed us to a very spacious waiting area with a bar to wait for the rest of our mates to arrive. The initial vibe was good until we were served the onion soup. It was so salty, it tasted like MSG soup and when the chef came to the table to cook our food, I was initially slightly taken away by the fire spectacle but later found it overly fussed. Too much drama.

For the price you pay, even with the toptable promotion, I wouldn’t recommend this place for the food but I would understand how some people might like this restaurant for the entertainment sake. If you you are a group who likes some food tossed into your mouth, you’ll most likely like it here.  Just be prepared to come out of the restaurant smelling like food.

The fire spectacle on the hibachi grill


A walk along the Thames

It was a rainy day and the best thing is of course be indoors.  So avoiding the rain in the Design museum is a great way to fill up some time. The best thing was to have the sky cleared off when I stepped out! GREAT! Time for a pleasant walk along the river and to explore my new camera! It’s my first camera with most manual functions, still not and SLR but it’s good enough to start with.

This would have been a much better shot if I remembered to use macro. This is what happens when your fingers get numb with the chilly wind.

Some of my minor obsession with feet and shoes… hmm  :p

Cantonese egg tarts

Having been brought up to have dim sum almost every sunday for brunch when i was young, it is no surprise I have a few favourites. The usual must haves are the har kau (shrimp dumpling with shiny translucent skin), sesame balls and of course the egg tarts.

So at the very minute when a friend called to attend a dinner session at his place, I quickly volunteered to make desserts. “Surprise me!” he said. The decision was quick, egg tarts it is! Flipped through my recipe folder for one of the well praised cantonese tart recipe from Christine’s blog, went to get some missing ingredients and VOILA!

My first batch of egg tarts!! =)

I was surprised at how easy it is to make. A good recipe makes all the difference. So a great thank you to Christine for her amazing recipes and her note to pull open the oven door at the last stage. It was very helpful. It kept the egg custard from puffing up, keeping the flat and smooth surface.

** I reduced the sugar for the custard to 60g instead of the 110g since I did not want them to be too sweet.