A smile in return

As I was going to work, walking up hill and cutting across the residential area as usual, I looked up and saw a lovely old lady with her all white, short and wavy hair walking towards my direction. She has a very friendly face and a slight smile on her face. She looked at me and I flashed her with a smile. She returned with the sweetest, most sincere smile ever. This lady reminds me of my late grandmother who has the kindest eyes and most contagious smile ever…

It makes me think about the simplest things money can’t buy that makes a good day. A simple smile does it! Even if it does not last the whole day, it would have at least made your morning. A clear blue sky with random white fluffy clouds does the trick too. Even when someone opens the door for you, a smile and thank you in return makes a difference. It is equally the same when a colleague makes tea for you when they are making one for themselves.

…the simple things in life…


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